ACVC - Who are we?




ACVC exists to meet the demand for another volleyball club in the Airdrie/Calgary area that may be more proximal, less costly alternative, or is at a developmental and competitive level that is most appropriate for prospective players.

In its brief history as loosely linked individual teams, ACVC has established a reputation in the Airdrie/Calgary area as a viable alternative to players who may either be unsuccessful in their attempt to break the roster of an established club team or who prefer a less intensive volleyball experience than some highly competitive clubs currently offer.


For its next stage of development, ACVC will harmonize our individual team efforts in order to form and develop as a sustainable organization. We will offer to as many players, in as many categories as resources allow, the opportunity to participate in a competitive club volleyball experience. We will carefully balance social, emotional, and physical development through appropriate methods of training.



By harmonizing our individual team’s efforts we will form a volleyball community who together is better equipped to leverage access to quality resources, funding, and training.  We will  maintain a degree of team autonomy which allows coaches and parent groups of individual teams the opportunity to define the type and intensity level of their volleyball experience.

ACVC Values and Beliefs

1.     A competitive volleyball experience can provide the opportunity for youth to uncover their potential not only as a volleyball player who may use the experience as a vehicle to launch further athletic goals but more importantly as a vehicle through which they will shape their social, emotional, and physical self.

2.     The club recognizes the delicate and important balance that exists between defining and achieving team goals and building individual physical, social and emotional competencies.

3.     The club believes that because volleyball is an inherently team-oriented sport that there are valuable life lessons to be learned when, at appropriate times, team needs and goals may supersede individual needs and goals. This means that ACVC can make no promise of equality of playing time.

4.     Nevertheless, the club believes that nurturing enduring friendships, finding joy in winning and growth in losing, and of reaching or exceeding both a teams and an individual’s potential is the best definition of a successful season.  We feel that coaches are in the most enlightened position to determine what is in the best interest of the team.

5.     The club believes that coaches are a special breed of people who are willing to devote numberless hours developing potential and building character in developing athletes Their decisions must be respected by the club, the players, and the parents. Not infallible, it is recognized that from time-to-time coaches may make errors in judgment and as long as the health and safety of athletes is not being compromised, the club and its executive will support and assist coaches in remediating any issues that arise.

6.     The club believes that the support of parents is an integral part of a successful volleyball club and will endeavor to provide opportunities for feedback and avenues of appeal when voiced in a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding expressed at an appropriate time.

7.     The club believes that playing ”for the love of the sport” should not be a forgotten virtue in club volleyball and that fun should be an important part of what we do. Indeed, we strive to instill the love of volleyball and the value of healthful living in our players as we endeavour to achieve team and personal goals.

Fee Structure


Each accepted player will pay as part of their team fee, an ACVC Membership fee which will provide teams and players with a base offering which will include:


* Individual Registration with the AVA


* Team Registration at three AVA Premier events and AVA Provincials


* ACVC Team apparel


* Team Website


* Certified Coaches

Costs for additional initiatives will all be additional costs that would be decided upon and absorbed by each individual team’s parent group. A team, for example, who wishes to supplement the ACVC team apparel, may do so on a cost-recovery basis. These items must be chosen from approved club colors and require club approved logos.  Exhibition games or additional tournaments can also be pursued on an individual team basis.

Training Formula


ACVC will to use the Long Term Athlete Development Model as a guide to determine the most appropriate training methods and level of intensity for the ages and stages of our players training as outlined on the Canadian Sport for Life Website.

·      Stage 3: Learn to Train (girls 8-11, boys 9-12)


·      Stage 4: Train to Train (girls 11-15, boys 12-16)


·      Stage 5: Train to Compete (girls 15-21, boys 16-23)


·      Stage 6: Train to Win (girls 18+, boys 19+)